Attend a
Pop Up

We are famous for our pop-ups!
We make sure every dog has its fifteen minutes of fame.

Structured, organised, and fun

We have designed the day to be able to focus on each dog, without interruption. And we take dressing up dogs very seriously.

New themes all the time

From high fashion to beautiful botanicals, every theme is fun, friendly and geared to bring the best out in every dog.

Everyone gets a photo

It’s a web resolution image you can post on Instagram or get crafty with cards.

Mama's Day Little Sessions

Before you attend

Get the most out of your Pop Up experience.
Come prepared and you will have an even funner time.

Before you arrive

1. Be on time

If you are late it will eat into your session time! Try to get there early if you can.

2. Go to the toilet

Ensure your dog has had time to toilet (for obvious reasons).

When you arrive

3. Check we’re not shooting

If the door is open, come on in. If it’s closed,
 we are with another dog and will come and get you when it’s your time to shine.

Getting your photo taken

4. Step onto the platform

This is the fun part. Help your dog get onto our special platform and ask them to sit.

5. Get styled

Heather will help style you and get you photo-ready.

6. Let us know what your dog likes

Are there any words your dog responds to best, or toys or treats you can bring?
 Anything that will help get that very special look from your dog.

Getting your screen resolution photo

7. Your photos will be ready soon

Hang in there, your photos are coming!
 This may take up to a week but we do our best to get them out ASAP.

8. Select the shots you want

Make sure you read the instructions in the email to select your favourite shots.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dog Photog?

Can I be in the photos?

Does my dog have to be dressed up?

My dog doesn't like other dogs. Is that okay?

How many dogs can I bring to a Pop Up?

My dog can’t stay still, or is nervous.